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Merchant credit card processing made easy PurePay helps merchants find the perfect setup needed for the business Global Payment Processing Seamlessly The core of our services is our high-risk merchants as well as low risk merchants using our payment gateway, and we offer low cost, flexibility and secure, meaning PCI DSS compliant platform. Which will connect you

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Mastercard puts negative option billing into a box on it’s own

New Mastercard regulativ for nutraceutical merchants Mastercard is second largest card issuer in the world, and is one of two card brands mainly used with negative option billing merchants. They are now in the process of rethinking their regulations when it comes to negative option or "free trial" billing. What does this mean to me and

Increase sales with Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods- modern day solution for modern day shopping. These methods provides your customers to pay swiftly without taking the trouble of several stages of verification. Although, this is where your hard work starts. Once your customer starts using such easy methods, it increases the chances of frauds. The frauds are likely to be

Alternative payments aren’t alternative anymore

Alternative defines something that isn't the norm but as we move forward, we're seeing an increase in not only mobile payments but also bank transfers, wallets, crypto currencies and much more. With mobile payments growing to become the norm is something that we've seen especially with the ongoing pandemic of covid-19. Up until 2019, there was

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