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Crypto currency- Game changer

Can crypto currency be a game changer in development of money? Since the introduction of Bitcoin, the hype was always there. Furthermore, the introduction of Libra is being considered to be the real deal. Sweden Central Bank governor also called Facebook's Libra a "catalytic event". Also, this is becoming a popular opinion. So, the real

Cryptocurrency Processing

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Merchants - PurePay Cryptocurrency Merchant Accounts Cryptocurrency Payment Processing has been in the limelight for quite a while. Although the decentralized currency concept did not have much success in the past, it is regaining popularity with Facebook’s announcement to release Libra.Future of cryptocurrency With no central body to control the flow of the


BitPay is a crypto based local payment method which has existed since 2011 Bitpay has since it's start in 2011 processed more than 2.8 billion USD, and is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world like Microsoft, Neteller, and Shopify. With PurePay you'll pay a fixed, low fee per every successful transaction

Alternative payments aren’t alternative anymore

Alternative defines something that isn't the norm but as we move forward, we're seeing an increase in not only mobile payments but also bank transfers, wallets, crypto currencies and much more. With mobile payments growing to become the norm is something that we've seen especially with the ongoing pandemic of covid-19. Up until 2019, there was

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  Crypto currency with style We helped Bittube to get their merchant in order to sell their crypto currency to their users on their website which has been good for both parts

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