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Promote MOTO?

MOTO - Mail Order/Telephone Order payments are gaining more popularity. Should we take it a step further? That is, should MOTO payments be encouraged more? Since, the MOTO related frauds are a concern we have to be careful. Then again, we have to do our own cost-benefit analysis. Risks are an inevitable part of business.

MOTO and fraud

The "moto" of the MOTO fraud are not so wise. Like any other financial fraud, this can bring you tons of hassles. Occasionally, this may even lead to financial loss. Nevertheless, this is true for both the merchant and the buyer. Hence, it surely is a matter of concern. Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) processing

MOTO life!

Payment mechanisms are getting easier. Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) is making lives even easier. It's an easy transaction solution for merchants and even for buyers. So, why has MOTO already not taken over? MOTO payments have their own story of becoming popular and being resisted from being the next big thing. Although, there is no

Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) Processing

  Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchant Accounts Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) processing is gaining popularity in the recent days. Although, people are still very sceptical of the privacy concerns in using such a mechanism. Yet, people are flowing into the world of e-commerce every day. Hence, such processing is getting massive responses to


We have made a clear overview of needed documents needed for ensuring an approval according to scheme requirements. Please be aware that not all documents are needed for all industries. We're working on a better overview which will show per industry, till then reach out to your payment expert to make sure. Company Requirements Certificate

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