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EPS with PurePay

EPS is a cooperation between banks and the local government which is also the most common bank transfer method in Austria

EPS (The Electronic Payment Standard) has about 3 m customers in Austria, which means it has about 40% of the current public locally and it a must-have LPM if you want to target Austria.
With PurePay you’ll pay a fixed, low fee per every successful transaction and refunds.
Fixed fee: 1.99% + € 0.25

About EPS

On the Austrian e-commerce market you’ll see that it is controlled by Alternative Payment Methods, and that is with bank transfer in the lead as the most used payment method. EPS is the most popular bank transfer payment method in Austria. Consumer enjoy and re-use the payment method, as it’s an cooperative initiative of the Austrian banks and Government.

Customer Flow

Bancontact processing details

Markets: Austria
Payment Flows: Bank transfer
Recurring Payments: No
One-click Payments: No

Processing: EUR
Settlement: EUR
Recurring: None

Transaction Information:
Minimum Amount: 1 EUR
Maximum Amount: No limit
Timeout: 1 hours

Features & Risks:
Refunds: Yes
Partial: Yes
Multi Partial: Yes
Dynamic Descriptor: Yes
Payment Guarantee: Yes
Chargebacks Risk: No

Benefits to using EPS with PurePay

The most used bank transfer payment method in Austria
A trusted name for Austrian consumers
Payments are guaranteed and immediately confirmed
Protected by 3D-secure technology
A set, low fee of 1.99% + € 0.25 for successful transactions

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