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PurePay tilbyder de bedste betalingsindløsninger indenfor høj risiko og med dem er mulighederne uendelige.

The PurePay.eu team is here to help you whether you want to do 20.000 or 100.000.000 a month, our solution ensures that big as well as small high-risk merchants get merchant accounts even if what your banks think is speculative.

Get the Easy Way of High-Risk Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing - PurePay

Are you a high risk merchant struggling with the banks in order to obtain Høj Risiko Indløseraftale? PurePay has the knowledge and bank connections to turn those declines into approved merchant accounts.

This is why you need to match your project with the right banks so you can only worry about consolidating your business on the market, creating solid flows of revenue, and know that you’re in a safe place. Banks decline high-risk merchants daily and they know whom they want to work or not, so a perfect setup and KYC will make sure that you’re on the approval side of things.

Mest det som gør en høj risiko merchant account er kombinationen og mulighederne for chargebacks, konkurs og ikke have mulighederne til at dække for en eventuel lukning af merchant accounts.

Med et firma ala PurePay, you can make sure we not only submit your case where you have a great chance of approval but also get a bank that believes in you, like us!

PurePay arbejder med bankerne - Vælg vores løsning for stabilitet og kundskab

At PurePay, we work for you and we can help you get mids in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and more. So we are ready to help you get your merchant accounts and start processing credit cards so you can reach your goals and grow stronger than ever.

We are known for our great service, happy faces, and for doing our job when others are sleeping.

PurePay tilbyder dette:

We work from the point of view that we don’t work for you, we work with you, so you can rely on us for High risk card processing in the UK. With us, service is not just a word, it is a lifestyle and we make sure to live it!

Så du er Høj Risiko, hvad nu - Få Dit Perfekte Match via PurePay

One of the most important things in getting credit card processing for a high risk merchant is to find the right match, but first of it would be good to ask yourself this: Am I high risk? If you can’t answer that, here, let us help you figure it out. Are you in one of these business verticals:

Selvom du ikke kan finde din industri på vores liste, kan vi stadig hjælpe dig. So hiv fat i os i dag!

If you are, you will most likely be labelled a high risk merchant, however, this does not mean that you can’t get credit card processing, it just means that your processing fees will be set a little higher and in most cases with a hold on your payments plus a rullende reserve. This might sound terrifying altogether but with high risk, there comes a risk on both sides, so as long as you treat your mids right, they will do the same back. PurePay tror pÃ¥ at alle forretninger fortjener at trives og blomstre.

High-Risk Merchants - Overview

What sets High-Risk Merchants aside to Low Risk is chargebacks, if you are in a business which has proven more likely to receive chargebacks, banks will label you a high risk and add more terms and higher cost to your terms. 

The best way to ensure that you get fast approvals is to make sure you have all the KYC ready prior to applying because every submission to a bank goes through risk teams and the sooner they have everything, the faster they can approve.

So let’s get started!

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