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We work closely with strategic merchant service partners and banks across the globe to find the right solution for you and your business at the most reasonable terms.

Why do you want a Partnership?

There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying “two heads are better than one.” In our partnership, we not only share resources but ideas, vision and enthusiasm. We believe that partnership is the most strategic way for both businesses to scale our innovation and solve complex challenges. If you are an energetic team player, we promise you a bond to glow together.

What do we offer?

Outstanding Partner Rates

Appropriate partner rates for your maximum revenue while discovering commercial abilities and growth for your clients.

Dedicated Manager

Experienced partner managers are dedicated to make sure that you find help when you need it.

Risk Management

High-end payment gateway solution ensures fraud prevention and lower chargebacks level keeping mids healthy.

Absolute Control

Receive reports of your commercial activity and customer insights to learn about the aspects of your business and take charge.

Acquire Freedom

Choose from the best rates, as we work independently with multiple banks instead of being owned or controlled by any acquiring bank.

Multiple Services

From Corporation Setup to Credit Card Processing, our wide rang of services let you to access enormous opportunities.

Why choose us?

In current global economy, we consider partnership as a capital investment in mutual benefits. Therefore, in our partnership we ensure the best terms for you, whilst assuring clients’ growth and commercial abilities. We always look for outstanding partner rates and make sure that you are happy with it.

We devote ourselves to our partners because we believe that we grow with you, not alone. To assure growth, our experienced partner managers are dedicated to ensure that you find help whenever you need it.

Neither owned or controlled by any acquiring bank, we work independently with multiple banks within and across the border which means you can choose from the best rates.

Our payment gateway solution comes with industry leading fraud protection system, designed to protect your business. And the corporate-grade client dash board gives you total performance control by giving you a complete overview of your commercial activity and in-depth customer insights. So, you always know the aspects of your business.

Our recurring payments system allows you to accept subscription and installment payments. And our anti-fraud and low chargeback facilities allow you to maintain friction-less customer experience and brand confidence. This means recurring revenue and growth for your business. In addition, our wide rage of services open doorways to opportunities for you and your business.

With Purepay, you don’t just get lucrative deals but also a promising companion for your business.

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller​

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