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Multi currency payment gateway - PurePay

Innovative and Top-Notch Multi Currency Payment Gateway for Business - PurePay

With Purepay you get a company who works closely with their merchant, to ensure not only innovation but great experienses.

Why do you need a Payment Gateway?

Using payment gateway can help to lessen frequency and severity of credit card fraud within e-commerce business. Payment gateway allows the merchants to process credit, debit and other alternative online payments. It acts as the go-between to make sure that customer data is encrypted and secure. Our innovative gateway is also a multi currency payment gateway which means we can support many currencies, and help you sell in local valuta.

What do we offer?

Our gateway offers the utmost transaction security available in the market at the lowest possible cost. With the availability of Fraud Prevention facilities and Chargeback Reporting, we promise a boost in your customer confidence.

A comprehensive fraud monitoring and prevention system will be provided within your system, as we are committed to protect our merchants and minimise transaction fraud. And you will also be safe from any DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack 365,24/7.

Acceptance of all major card types avails global cardholders with the flexibility to pay with their preferred card. Therefore, we offer you more opportunities to increase payment conversions and cross border transactions.

Why us?

Purepay’s innovative and top knotch multi currency payment gateway offers all-inclusive integration into all your worldwide e-commerce payment needs.

With our simple and extensive integration, you will be able to access a suite of functionality and customer-led innovations including worldwide payment types, fraud, risk management, analytics and reporting. We offer flexibility and openess, we will make sure to assist you in setting up our solution so it matches your business needs.

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