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Simple POS systems, super smooth experience and fast onboarding along with low fees

Point Of Sale

Easy, fast and flexible setup which will wow you and your customers
to make the experience extra special.

Simplify your transactions with our sales systems

Giving your consumers the problemfree shopping experience they expect today. Whether they’re buying through a Point-Of-Sale system
or via tablet (MPOS) in your store, our platform is flexible enough to power all your transactions.

Simple API

With our API, you’ll be integrated and started with taking payments in no time.

System reliability and strong backend

Our backend is designed and built to have 100% uptime so you will not see downtime here.

Fully compliant and state of the art

Our devices are all compliant and with the best and most used functions for your business.

Easy overview and dashboard

With our backend you can keep an easy overview over your devices and sales.

Offer your consumers precisely the local payment method they are wanting and sell more.

Connect channels

Connect multiple channels in order to ensure the data behind your sales and grow your business.


With History

If you are already processing sales online, we will match your offer. PurePay offers top knotch pricing but even better service and care.

  • Merchant Discount Rate: As low as 1%
  • Transaction Cost: 0.10 GBP – 0.25 GBP
  • Refund Cost: 0.30 GBP
  • Chargeback Fee: 30 GBP
  • Gateway Fee: 30 GBP per month
  • Onboarding Fee: Free
  • Volume Limits: None
  • Rolling Reserve: 0% – 10%
  • Payout Schedule: Daily / Weekly
  • Minimum volume accepted: 50.000 per month


We support start-ups so no need to worry, we will get you approved. We can have you pre-approved in 48 hours.

  • Merchant Discount Rate:  From 2%
  • Transaction Cost: 0.15 GBP – 0.30 GBP
  • Refund Cost: 0.40 GBP
  • Chargeback Fee: 50 GBP
  • Gateway Fee: 50 GBP per month
  • Onboarding Fee: Free
  • Volume Limits: None
  • Rolling Reserve: 10%
  • Payout Schedule: Weekly / Daily
  • Minimum volume accepted: 25.000 per month

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