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These are the PurePay services

PurePay can help you from idea to processing million, we have a full package setup which benefits you!


Credit Card Processing

We can help you get the lowest cost on the market, so you don’t have to worry about being tricket.

High Risk Merchant Account

We know high risk, and therefore we are your best partner against poor service and bad terms.

Corporation Setup

If you’re in need of a corporation for trading, processing or something else, we got you!

Settlement & Bank accounts

Are you in need of a settlement account for traffic/processing payouts. We can help you.

Chargeback Prevention

Are you protected enough against chargebacks? We got the tools to help you.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud can happen to anyone, whether your high risk or low risk. Ask us about it!

With PurePay you get a one stop shop for all your processing and processing related needs. We service high risk merchants as well as low risk merchants, and we can also help business’s not looking for processing.


We have been in the business for six years now and we know what is moving on the market, and we only work with the best banks, partners and tools. So nothing will stand in our way of making you feel at home or alone.

Our motto is For Advertisers By Advertisers, so you know we have tried it before!

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