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Chargeback Prevention and how it helps you

Chargeback tools like ethoca and verifi can have a huge effect on your chargeback ratio and save you headaches

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Even though there are many challenges associated with running an online business, chargebacks is the biggest headache to these as if not managed right it can kill your business. Chargebacks will effect cash flow, customer opinion about your business so it is best to keep right amount of attention on stopping them before they start rolling in.

Stop them now not later

There is never a better time to get started then while you are reading this. If you already stepped in to read this, you are probably already thinking about fixing the issue. Start recouping the loss you are already getting, and maximizing your bottom line!

PurePay is ready to set you up with the best solution to not only prevent but also start gaining back some of the loss on the chargebacks gotten. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to us now.

Understand the chargeback risks

Many business don’t think that the value in fighting or even stopping chargebacks is worth it, many are not worried about the amount and others might not know better. With tools like Ethoca and Verifi you are never alone in preventing the chargebacks from getting to your processors.

With chargebacks being made easier, they hit ecommerce more regularly and is hurting business who never saw them coming, and that is why it comes in hand having a plan to put to use in the case it happens.

Following a few steps you can also start seeing a decrease in your chargeback spikes.

  • Stop them at the door meaning start integrating fraud tools
  • Build an overview of commonality between support and chargebacks (Find the keywords triggered with contact from customer)
  • Use both Ethoca and Verifi
  • Refund more than less. Nothing crazy though
  • Build an easy cancellation platform
With that said, there is never just one way of fixing chargeback problems. But if you find yourself in problems, start finding out what is causing them and close the hole.

PurePay has specialized themself in understanding different business and will be able to help you find the root of the problem, not only to stop it but also hold them accountable. It could be a traffic problem that is caused by a source using extra aggressive wording to generate sales only then to not take responsibility.

Whatever it may be, it needs to be found, dealt with and stopped. So you can maintain longetivity and only focus on running your business, after all that is what you do best! That’s what we know, and why we would love to help you!


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