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Why consider anti-fraud management service?

  • To lower and maintain chargeback levels while keeping mids healthy 
  • To protect your company from attack with fraud
  • To allow growth without worry  
  • To maintain the friction-less customer experience and brand confidence
  • To protect from loss of high valued goods

Fraud Prevention tools are used by high risk and low risk merchants for a handful of different reasons.  At Purepay we offer many tools and advice that can protect and lower the risk of running you business.  We have partnered with the best tools in the industry to give you ease of mind while also protecting profits.  A few of the partners we work with are companies like Ethoca and Verifi which help by giving you the tools needed to refund your clients before the charge turns in to a chargeback.  Also we have pulled together the best chargeback representation companies in the industry which can help fight the charge to assure you don’t lose money and goods.  

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