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We help merchants get companies adhering to local laws and accounting assistance

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Company Formation

PurePay works with multiple providers of corporation providers worldwide for small business payment processing as well as big. We can’t only advice you but also help provide the setup you need. Whether you need it for high risk merchant accounts or if you want to operate out or more countries, we can help you.

Our solutions are setup in accordance with local laws as well as Mastercard and VISA, so you can feel free to reach out and contact to hear more.

We support setups in many countries and continents, you can see some of the countries below:

Legal Assistance & Support

We provide a strong legal assistance per individual approach to corporate structuring, business reorganization and legal tax optimization strategies.

We have a long line of experience working with optimizing business models for many business types, and we are always interested and enthusiastic about new challenges. 

Consultancy Services

PurePay has many years of experience in not only the small business payment processing, but also high risk space. So should you ever need any help regarding your business model, merchant accounts, product development (Including finding products for sale), we can be supportive and prices will be based upon tasks.

So if you need help with your business, you can reach out to us and we will be available.

Accounting Services

Our experienced partners offer a wide range of accountancy services that will be tailored to fit your business model or needs. Whether it is basic bookkeeping to doing the end of year financial statements and tax computations. We can help you with it all!

Experiences also covers VAT fillings and compliancy, and it will be taken care of from registration to ensuring merchants payment are done in timely manner.

If you want to hear more about our services, you can reach out to us today and let’s get you setup and started processing.

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