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PurePay is going green!

The way that leads to a better future is to care for the future generations, that is how we at PurePay look at climate changes and natural disasters around the world. The world is dying and if we don’t start stepping up, we won’t have a home for future generations.

Therefore, we at PurePay, have decided to take a necessary step for a greener future. Which is a step towards change. We have decided to blend in some greener policy into our business which includes CO2 neutral hosting, planting trees and to cut down on paper usage. The PurePay family took the much needed decision in planting a single tree for every merchant approval we gain which will be a step towards a brighter future for all.

“The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say – we will never forgive you.”

Greta Thunberg

Climate change is real

If you still feel that climate change is a hoax? After the recent bushfire in Western Australia and the wildfire in the Amazon, the level of the catastrophes are clear. The outcome is devastating for the world and for humanbeings across the globe.

The water levels are rising. The ice are melting. Even the air is not breathable. What have we done? Cutting down trees and unaccounted industrial waste mismanagement are making it worse. Although, we know it all we still are reluctant. Even worse, we are very less bothered about the future generation.

PurePay realises the threat the world is facing. We urge you to feel the same way. Most importantly, the world may still remain livable if we realise the consequences now. It is our home. Hence, it is our responsibility. Let’s act together to change our future. Every single initiative matters!

Greener PurePay for a greener world

Alongside doing business, PurePay feels the social and moral responsibility we have on ourselves. So, the act of planting a tree for every acquisition or merchant account creation, is just a small effort to play our part.

We welcome you the family. Join us for a cause. Be with us for a change. A change that is not addressing the dynamic global business. But also aims to act for situation that matters.

PurePay not only realises the risks your business may face. But we also realise the risks the world is facing. Hence, being with us also helps you to play your part in an effort to change the world.

PurePay realises the risks we are facing

PurePay works with high-risk merchants as well as medium as low risk merchants. We provide services and supports for the merchants doing business in high-risk industries.

We have now started to use our platform as a way to change the world. At least we aim to play our part in bettering the situation. Therefore, we plan to take you onboard. Let this earth survive and may our businesses grow in a world where our future generations live life without the risks of calamities.

“I am a father of a three year old myself and we work with people who are parents themselves. Recent incidents like Italian flood, Australian bushfire and Russian polar bear inhabitants’ mobilisation triggered my morale to do something about the future of our children whom we love so dearly. I discussed with my team about it and came up with this idea of planting trees”

Dennis E.R. Pedersen, CEO, PurePay Payments Limited

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